Full potential

We believe in growth. Growth in people and organisations, and for the future. Growth thrives where there are ideas, development, and transformation. But sometimes growth needs a little spark. We are that spark. Driven by our mission and ability to develop people and businesses our efforts make a difference to entrepreneurs and for the society.

We are a sector agnostic investor with a unique skill set, a broad industry experience and a proven investment track record.

We invest in what we analyse to be successful teams, with a strong culture and very sharp focus.

Founder compassion

We are founders and entrepreneurs ourselves and we have supported founders on the journey from early stage to large cap. We invest in founders and our relationships with them through empathy, focus, support and candour.

Why Navigio Capital

Navigio Capital works in close collaboration with our investments to unleash their full potential. The effect of this collaboration is best described by the increased value of our portfolio.

Full potential unleashed delivered!

Global community

We welcome our founders into a unique community of other founders, CEOs and experts through which they access world-class operational expertise and a global network.

Fast facts

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About Navigio Capital

Navigio Capital is Navigio’s privately-owned investment company. We offer Navigio’s core services to all the companies we invest in.

We work in close collaboration with our investees and support them in setting direction, securing the right team and unlocking the potential in leaders and management teams. We are founders and entrepreneurs ourselves and we have supported founders on their journey from early stage to large cap and global success.

We welcome the founders into a unique community of other founders, CEOs and industry experts through our global community.

The Navigio Capital team consist of a combination of experienced Navigio partners in combination with some local and international world class private equity investors.

How it all started

At Navigio we saw the strong effect the Full Potential Journeys we delivered for our clients had on their growth, profitability and employee satisfaction and we said to ourselves "Let’s show the world what happens when we apply our own recipe for success to our own investments."

We knew that when we help companies form a better strategy, help them implement an operating model better designed for the strategy, and when we ensure that the managers are able to deliver their respective parts of the strategy, then great value is created. We simply wanted to walk the talk and invest in companies we could help unleash their full potential.

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We only invest using our own funds and in sectors we know well.

Investing our own funds makes us independent from external stakeholders. And being independent enables us to be stable and reliable partners. We have in-depth operational, market, and strategic knowledge. We make sure we understand the operational reality that our portfolio companies face every day.

Our commitment

Navigio Capital is dedicated to our role as owners, prioritizing long-term success for our portfolio companies. We ensure that the boards consist of experienced individuals who can add real business value to the management team and the board.

Our ownership approach is characterised by dedication and prudence, always aimed at benefiting the companies under our care. To support our board representatives, we have a team of Full-Potential-Journey (FPJ) consultants who monitor our investments and the market landscape, helping us identify growth opportunities and refine our methods.

Navigio Capital utilizes the expertise of our investment managers, partners, and affiliated board members to form FPJ teams for each portfolio holding, maximizing their potential.

We have access to 80 management consultants in our consultancy firm to support strategic initiatives, investments as well as conduct due diligence and market analysis.

We believe in creating value by building financially strong companies with organic growth

We believe it is possible to combine profit and growth, sustainable competitive edge is most often built when superior customer value is created under financial constraint.

We make sure there is a long-term competitive advantage in place for every company and we avoid quick flips. We are careful with turnarounds. Difficult situations usually get more difficult.

We invest for the long-term

As long as the entrepreneurs have the energy and motivation to continue, and we believe the company develops in the right direction, we have both the motivation and ability to remain shareholders. If or when the entrepreneur wants to make an exit, we will respect their wish and ensure it is executed in the best way possible.

We believe that sustainable business processes are important for long-term value, and sound ethical standards enable healthy value creation in the long term.

We advocate a low profile

Engaging in media coverage, panels or conferences dilutes our time and focus which is solely on value creation. We avoid investing in companies in which the entrepreneurs are focused on building their personal brand value – the best business builders focus all their time on improving their business to better serve their customers.

Our portfolio

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